Vision & Mission


We envisage the idea of constructing a society full of worthy human beings. We are and will be an institution where every student will learn to design his life in the best-suited way to survive the challenges posed by the competitive world. Ourjob is to enable our students to stand up for themselves. We empower them with quality education to face the real world. We embark upon training and developing future lawyers, judges, jurists, educators, managers and entrepreneurs who will take the country forward. We want our students to be well prepared and retain a lifelong commitment to learning, service, and achievement and gain recognition for the values they imbibe at Unity and reach the zenith of their capabilities in their respective career fields.


To offer courses for the enhancement of professionalism, humanism and social responsibility through quality education. To inculcate values of discipline, hard-work, team-spirit, scientific tempers and to develop critical thinkers. Endeavour to stretch the intellectual and creative capacity of the youth and to empower them to assume leadership. To promote education that would be liberal, progressive and explores new dimensions.